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conventions I have attended this summer

Just some brief write-ups, because I'm sure I'll never get around to doing detailed reports for these.


Worcester MA

I was there from late evening Friday 6/19 through Sunday 6/21. Many excellent concerts and filk circles. Con suite was quite good. (Among other things, I appreciated the wide variety of teas available.) Got to play with "Don't Fret the Small Stuff" during open filks. We did okay. Overall enjoyed the con quite well.


Anticipation (Worldcon 2009)
Montreal QC

Drove up on Wednesday 8/5, drove back Monday 8/10. We (happyfunpaul, ultimatepsi, and I) went in my car. Actual driving time to the city was something like 5 1/2 hours, but we were slowed down once we got there by construction related traffic jams and unexpectedly closed exits.

There was about a 10 to 15 minute walk from our hotel at Place Bonaventure to the Palais de Congres where the convention was held. The Delta hotel, where the open filking was held, was a bit closer.

There was a variety of programming, as one would expect at a Worldcon. Concerts, panels (on science, movies, culture, and of course science fiction and fantasy), workshops, and other good stuff. My favorite item was Heather Dale's concert on Saturday.

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights I went to open filking in the Delta, and it was fun. There were two rooms, but I spent most of my time in the smaller one.

I visited the con suite in the Delta only one time. It was inconveniently only reachable by elevator, and of course there was a line for the elevator.

It was my first Worldcon, and I enjoyed it.

Montreal itself is a nice city to walk around and explore, but I only did a little bit of that. I'd like to visit there again someday when there isn't a convention going on.


Enfield CT (near Springfield MA)

Drove there late night Friday 8/21, drove back home afternoon Sunday 8/23. It was a small con. Much of the programming emphasized elements of fandom and cultural niches which don't interest me, but the filk and other music parts were enjoyable and made it worth going. The open filk circles on Friday and Saturday night were small and relaxed.
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