David R (dvtune) wrote,
David R

Rush concert last night

Last night I saw Rush play at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester NH. It was a good show. Some highlights for me were:

- "The Larger Bowl". I rather like that song, and I think it goes over well live.

- The stretch of songs from "Malignant Narcissism", Neil's drum solo, Alex's acoustic instrumental "Hope", and "The Spirit of Radio". During that section the music really clicked with me quite well.

- Alex's guitar solo during "2112: Overture".

- Other stuff which would take too long to talk about here.

I could complain at length about the sound quality, which was not always that good (though sometimes was okay). I'll just say that on average it was less good than the June 15 show I saw at Great Woods (or whatever they call it these days).

I went with a friend who'd never seen them before. He enjoyed the show too.

Beforehand we walked around downtown Manchester and got supper from a pizza place. My impression from that brief walk-around is that downtown Manchester is nice.

Overall a very good time.
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