David R (dvtune) wrote,
David R

last night's Rush concert

Very briefly, last night's Rush concert was good fun. They played well, and the set list included a good mix of old and new.

I almost always complain about the sound quality at Great Woods* but this time the sound where I sat (the next to last row in section 6) was not too bad. Unlike last year's show, I could actually hear Alex's guitar most of the time, and he was playing well! Unfortunately, Geddy's bass all too often seemed lost in the boominess at the low end, and I couldn't always tell what he was playing. But when I could make it out it was good.

Since I have enough tinnitus already, I wore earplugs. Specifically, Etymotic-brand plugs that are supposed to reduce the volume without muffling the sound. They seemed to work as advertised.

I'm glad I saw them, they're still in good form after all these years. I'm looking forward to seeing them again next month in Manchester NH.

*Great Woods was renamed "Tweeter Center" a few years ago. But when I got there last night, I learned that it has been renamed yet again to "Comcast Center".
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