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conventions I have attended this summer

Just some brief write-ups, because I'm sure I'll never get around to doing detailed reports for these.


Worcester MA

I was there from late evening Friday 6/19 through Sunday 6/21. Many excellent concerts and filk circles. Con suite was quite good. (Among other things, I appreciated the wide variety of teas available.) Got to play with "Don't Fret the Small Stuff" during open filks. We did okay. Overall enjoyed the con quite well.


Anticipation (Worldcon 2009)
Montreal QC

Drove up on Wednesday 8/5, drove back Monday 8/10. Collapse )

It was my first Worldcon, and I enjoyed it.

Montreal itself is a nice city to walk around and explore, but I only did a little bit of that. I'd like to visit there again someday when there isn't a convention going on.


Enfield CT (near Springfield MA)

Drove there late night Friday 8/21, drove back home afternoon Sunday 8/23. It was a small con. Much of the programming emphasized elements of fandom and cultural niches which don't interest me, but the filk and other music parts were enjoyable and made it worth going. The open filk circles on Friday and Saturday night were small and relaxed.
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carry-on guitar?

How likely is it that I'll be able to take my guitar as carry-on when I fly to GAFilk next Friday? I'm flying Delta, and according to their web site, guitars are accepted as carry-on on a space available basis.

It's an acoustic which I will bring in a hard-shell case. It's a rather nice sounding guitar, and I would prefer if it were not damaged in transit. It might be okay if I have to check it, though I don't know how risky that is.

Any anecdotes about carrying-on or checking guitars are welcome.
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Readercon recap

Last weekend I went to part of Readercon, which was held at the Marriott hotel in Burlington MA. I was there from about noon to 11 PM on Saturday, and 11 AM to 3:30 PM on Sunday. I enjoyed enough of it that it was worth going.

Readercon is, by design, focused heavily on written science fiction and fantasy. There was no music in the program, nor movie discussions, nor costume contests. However there were a few things, such as two short plays and a radio drama discussion, that bent that focus a bit.

It was not a very social con for me, but I wasn't expecting it to be. I saw only a few people I knew there, and not for long.

Here's what I did:

Collapse )

conservation of momentum when teleporting

Have there been any published stories which handle conservation of momentum when teleporting by having the teleporter make many small jumps to decelerate a bit at each stop?

For example, if you teleported directly from Ecuador to Sumatra, on opposite sides of the Earth near the equator, you would be moving at about 3300 km/h at your new location unless you got rid of some of your momentum. It would probably be easier to make many smaller jumps, and lose (or gain, depending on your frame of reference) speed a little at a time.

It seems like a familiar idea, but I can't recall if it was used in any particular story I've read.

Just an idle question inspired by a conversation last Saturday.
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Rush concert last night

Last night I saw Rush play at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester NH. It was a good show. Some highlights for me were:

- "The Larger Bowl". I rather like that song, and I think it goes over well live.

- The stretch of songs from "Malignant Narcissism", Neil's drum solo, Alex's acoustic instrumental "Hope", and "The Spirit of Radio". During that section the music really clicked with me quite well.

- Alex's guitar solo during "2112: Overture".

- Other stuff which would take too long to talk about here.

I could complain at length about the sound quality, which was not always that good (though sometimes was okay). I'll just say that on average it was less good than the June 15 show I saw at Great Woods (or whatever they call it these days).

I went with a friend who'd never seen them before. He enjoyed the show too.

Beforehand we walked around downtown Manchester and got supper from a pizza place. My impression from that brief walk-around is that downtown Manchester is nice.

Overall a very good time.
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last night's Rush concert

Very briefly, last night's Rush concert was good fun. They played well, and the set list included a good mix of old and new.

I almost always complain about the sound quality at Great Woods* but this time the sound where I sat (the next to last row in section 6) was not too bad. Unlike last year's show, I could actually hear Alex's guitar most of the time, and he was playing well! Unfortunately, Geddy's bass all too often seemed lost in the boominess at the low end, and I couldn't always tell what he was playing. But when I could make it out it was good.

Since I have enough tinnitus already, I wore earplugs. Specifically, Etymotic-brand plugs that are supposed to reduce the volume without muffling the sound. They seemed to work as advertised.

I'm glad I saw them, they're still in good form after all these years. I'm looking forward to seeing them again next month in Manchester NH.

*Great Woods was renamed "Tweeter Center" a few years ago. But when I got there last night, I learned that it has been renamed yet again to "Comcast Center".